I’ve wrecked my car what should I do? Contact the police.  Move to a safe area.  If  two vehicles are involved exchange insurance information. Contact your insurance company and report your damage. Once you have reported your damage, a claim representative will provide you with a claim number.  Tell the claim representative where you want your car repaired.  You can then take your vehicle to the body shop of your choice.

Can you do insurance work? Yes, we can.  You, as the consumer, have the legal right to pick the shop that you want to repair your vehicle.  The insurance company can not require that you use one shop over another.  We can work with any insurance company to get you back on the road in a timely manner.  Each insurance company has a different claims handling procedure.  You will need to choose the body shop you like and leave your car there to be repaired. You must inform your insurance company where the car is being repaired and tell the body shop what insurance company will be responsible for payment. Be prepared to provide claim numbers, policy info, phone numbers and addresses to both parties.  Those will all need to be exchanged before the repair process can proceed.

How much is this going to cost me? If this is a collision and  it is covered by your insurance, you are required to pay your deductible as stated in your auto policy with your insurer.  Deductibles generally range from $250 to $1000.  If another parties insurance is covering the cost of the collision repair you should pay nothing.

Do I have to pay a deductible?
Your insurance policy and who is at fault determines if  you are responsible for a deductible. Contact your insurance company or agent to determine whether or not your deductible has been waived or if you are responsible to pay it. If you are responsible for a deductible, your payment will be due to us upon completion of the repairs to your vehicle.

I have a brand new vehicle that has been involved in an accident; can it look new again?
Yes. We use quality Spies Hecker paint applied by seasoned professionals that enables us to accurately match your vehicle’s finish.

When should I drop off my car?
Between 8 am and 9 am on the day the car is scheduled for repair.  If you need to drop off at another time please contact us and we can make alternate arrangements.

Can you help me with a ride to home or work after drop off? Possibly.  We can possibly help with short distance transport if given advance notice.

Is there anything I can do before leaving my car for repair? Yes,  Please remove personal and/or valuable items from the car.  Disable alarms and give us codes, keys and switch locations.

How long will the repairs to my vehicle take? Each vehicle repair is different.  Quality repairs begin with a detailed written estimate. We strive for accurate estimates using state of the art Mitchell Ultramate Estimating Software.  After completing the estimate a estimated time to completion can be given.  However, damage is frequently hidden and cannot be revealed until your vehicle has been disassembled. If this happens, your vehicle’s completion date may need to be revised.  We will work closely with you and keep you informed throughout the repair process. We pledge that we will return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the repairs.

Can I get a price quote over the phone? No,  It is illegal for any insurance estimate to be adjusted or even prepared without a physical inspection of the damage by the adjuster.  We might be able to give you a price for a part but not an actual repair without examining the vehicle.  DO NOT ever accept an estimate that is “agreed to” over the phone.

How soon can I wash my car? Do not use a commercial car wash for at least 60 days.  Their equipment and harsh chemicals can damage your vehicles finish and void your warranty within the first 60 days.  The car may be hand washed within a week using a mild car soap and a gentle cloth or sponge. Do not park under trees  to avoid bird droppings and sap that may damage the finish..  If this does happen,  wash off using a soft cloth,  mild detergent and water as soon as possible.

How soon may I wax my vehicle?
We recommend waiting 90 days for the finish to completely cure before you wax it for the first time.

How do you handle restorations? Price estimates for restorations are handled differently.  Estimating the cost to build a restoration project is difficult.  If a shop gives you an immediate flat quote be skeptical. There are many variables when evaluating the cost of a restoration.  Many questions need to be answered and many of these can not be answered immediately.  Variables that need to be taken into consideration:

  • How much damage is present on the project?
  • How many rust spots does your project have ?
  • Are all the parts present?
  • How many parts need replaced?
  • How much time will it take to locate and purchase each part?
  • Quality level of the parts that are available?
  • How much work will replacement parts take to satisfy our quality standards?
  • How long will it take to build or fabricate those parts that are not available?

For this reason restorations are handled differently and are handled as a “By the Hour Build”.

Restorations will be done with by the hour billing.  Once a vehicle has been completely disassembled a comprehensive plan for the project will be written in consultation with the customer.  This plan will consist of three parts: a scope of work plan, tracking plan and notification plan.

Once the Project is disassembled and stripped of all paint and undercoatings we draw up a scope of work plan on the project in keeping with the customers desires.

The work plan will be the blueprint we follow to get the project done.

The tracking system will be a check list of items we track to document progress on the vehicle.  This will include: 1: Labor/Time records, 2. Photos,  3. Billing Invoices, 4. Phone Call Logs .

The notification plan consists of a schedule set up between the shop and the customer on when updates will be sent to the customer and when payments will be made to the shop.  Generally, every two weeks the shop will send the customer progress updates that include those items in the tracking plan.  The shop will be paid every two weeks. If payment is not made, work on the project stops.